Friday, July 18, 2008

New guy

I am so excited! I finally decided to stop drooling over/stalking Stephen Rouse's sheep and actually buy one! Introducing..........Uhhh, he doesn't have a name yet. Crosswinds new flock sire.
BTW I totally ripped off this picture from Steve's Kodak photo album, so I must give him credit.

Isn't he gorgeous? No solid color lambies next spring...well maybe a couple, I have a couple of solid ewes that I can't give up.

I don't actually have rammy lambie here yet, I am trying to make arrangements to get him here since Steve's place is in Michigan and obviously, I am in Iowa.

Now comes the hard part of reevaluating my ewe flock to determine which ewes best fit into my flock goals. Of course I have some ewes that will stay no matter what as pets, but I have WAY too many sheepies right now so I have to make some very difficult decisions :-(.

One of my adult ewes that I will be selling is Sheepy Hollow Red Trillium S22320 (Sommarang Claire x WVF McGyver). Nice moorit flecket ewe with good conformation and tail, fleece is soft, crimpy, shorter staple length. Excellent mother, twined this year with no problems. This is not a recent picture. Trillium's fleece is rooing right now so currently she resembles the creature from the black lagoon. $300

I still have some lambs available on my website. I will add others once I am done evaluating.

Other exciting news...for me...It looks like I will be able to stay for the whole weekend at the Wisconsin Sheep and wool festival. Originally it looked like I would only be able to go for the Saturday show, but my dear hubby offered to stay home and care for the menagerie whilst sister Marie and I go to Jefferson.....My sister Marie...not Sister Marie, as in a nun...she is not a nun...not to say that she is a bad person or anything like that...she is just clearly NOT a nun.....okay..let's move on. Love you Marie :).

Let's see a show of hands...err comments, anyone else going to Jefferson? I will have to try to post a picture of myself so you can find me...or avoid me..whatever suits your fancy.

I better get back to work, Farmers' Market is tomorrow. I got my 17 dozen cookies baked, eggs collected and ready, polymer clay figurines packed, I will go out and pick my produce and get that packaged, and "they" (the weather guessers) are calling for an 80% chance of rain for tomorrow, geeesh, I may be canning green beans tomorrow night.


Miss Effie said...

Ohhh! Ohhh! You bought him!! He is wonderful......... now I will have more lambies to drool over. I feel like a stalker-- I drive by real slow to catch a glimpse of those cuties!!!

I'd probably stop with a pay-off of nutrolls!

~*Sarah*~ said...

ok, you TOLD me he was pretty, you TOLD me you'd been eyeing him for a while.

Holy DANG that is one handsome sheep! I would so steal him ...if I had any place suitable to put a sheep...ram...sheepyran.

and very excited to now stalk miss effie's blog ;)

and now my husband is over my shoulder wanting to go to the store...together..."for fun".

Michelle said...

Congratulations on the "new man" -- he's quite the looker! Why are you selling Trillium? She's spotted and looks very nice. Have fun at Jefferson; it's a little too far for me to go.... :-)

Kristin said...

Sweet! New sheepy.

Also, you said Trillium's fleece is rooing. What does that mean?

And lastly, how big did you want that photo of Justin doing his fire breathing thing?

Ebonwald Cardigans said...

hey I'm going to Jefferson!

I can't WAIT to meet you! Your posts are always a hoot to read. You have a gift for writing, that is for sure!

I'm the really tall, late 20's guy who will look completely lost and frazzled, trying to show sheep for the first time :)

Michelle said...

Garrett, you're not REALLY tall -- you're two inches shorter than my husband!

Nancy K. said...

He's STUNNING, Corrine! I'll have to get on YOUR waiting list for an HST ram lamb..... ;-)

See you in Jefferson!

Crosswinds Farm said...

Uhhh, Cathy, you don't have to drive by could STOP and see them...maybe I would give you a nut roll while you were here :).

Sarah, Fun times for you! Family bonding at the grocery store wooohooo! Our people know how to party!Mwah!

Michelle, sorry you won't make it to Jefferson. You are excused tho, it is just a little far. As far as Trillium goes, she is very nice, I am just keeping too many ewe lambs and have to cut back :-(.

Hi Kristin,When my sheep were sheared some of them were "in the rise" (where the old growth from the past year stops and the new year's fleece is coming in).There is a weak spot between the two stages of a bunch of lanolin and a general mess that made it hard for the clippers to get through. Some of the old fleece remained after shearing, now as the new fleece is coming in, the old gunk is starting to let go. Rooing refers to plucking off those loose clumps of fleece....I hope that made sense???? It makes for ugly sheep until everything evens out LOL!
Just a 5x7 of the flame eater would be great :). ((hugs)).

Garrett, You will be GREAT showing the's a LOT less stressful than showing dogs!

Nancy, I don't quite have the waiting list that YOU do, so I am sure I can fit you in LOL!

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