Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Not lamb updates

I am still working on lamb updates, you wouldn't think that it would be that difficult a task, but trying to get decent photos of each one....while they are not eating....or trying to crawl in my lap..has proven to be quite an ordeal. So, these are some photos of a few things that were more cooperative than my dear sheepies.

This is pretty much why I live in Iowa.
Fresh picked sweet corn, in the height of just doesn't get any better than that! Just thought I would throw that out there.

Here are assorted critters that were willing participants in my photo shoot. I can't remember what these tiny, blue butterflies are called, but they are just beautiful when a group of them dance around a puddle.
Toadies...we have so many toads this year, probably due to all of the flooding and standing water in which to lay their eggs. It all works into life's little scheme because, also due to the flooding, there is an overabundance of insect life this year for the toads to feast on.

This pretty Tiger Swallowtail butterfly was resting on my Echinacea blossoms. Her wings were quite tattered and loosing some of their luster, but she was still beautiful.
I was surprised to find so many honey bees around my flower beds...coated in pollen. Hopefully they are starting to make a recovery.

Arghhhh! Anyone need a rooster?? When I ordered my chicks this spring, I got 3 Blue Laced Red Wyandotte chicks that could only be purchased 'straight run' (not sexed), so theoretically, the odds should have been that I would have had at least one pullet out of the batch...nooooo, all 3 are little cockerels. Pretty, but I don't need all of these boys!

In spite of the lack of cooperation from my woolly ovine friends today, I did get a few other long overdue chores accomplished. I got most of my 2 large vegetable gardens weeded (you notice I said most), that alone was a four hour job, and I have more to finish tomorrow. I also got my tomato plants staked up and off of the ground, which was much more involved than it sounds, since I completely let them run amok until now....kind of looked like The Little Shop of Horrors. I wasn't sure I was going to make it out of there alive.

Tomorrow I am GOING to get some good lambie pictures....that is my plan :-).


Miss Effie said...

"Little Shop of Horrors!!" One of my favorite movies! That's how I feel in the flower garden -- I know there are weeds taller than me!

But I am incredibly short!

Your butterfly pics are beautiful! I was chasing a Tiger Swallowtail around all morning, trying to get a picture. I was much too slow to capture it. They can eat all the fennel, dill and parsley they want -- just so they show up.

Michelle said...

You sure got some fantastic close-ups. Good luck on getting good sheep shots!

Nancy K. said...

Oh, he's BEAUTIFUL, Corrine! I used to have golden laced Wyandotts. They lay the BEST eggs....

See you soon!


North Star Shetlands said...

omg! I'll take the corn and the roo! lol My mom absolutely LOVES the BLRWs...and was actually thinking about getting some chicks. And that corn is actually making me salivate! Gorgeous! :)

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