Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The chickens are free...sort of.

We got the chicken yard finished yesterday, so the girls were finally able to go back outside after the "fox incident". We will now be letting them roam in their fenced yard during the day, and we will be locking them up into their coops at night. They were so elated to be back out in the sunshine and grass, or in White Chickens case, the dirt, she and her friends love a good dust bath.

All of the pullets have grown up and most are laying now. This one is Chicken Hawk (an Araucana)...she always looks angry.

I love my Barred Rocks, they are some of the most docile, friendly chickens that I have ever had. I love their markings too.

Speckled Sussex. These girls also have great temperaments.

Not sure what this was all about, must have been something mighty tasty in that spot.

This is one of the Salmon Faverolles.

Last, but not least. Blue Laced Red Roo. He will be going to Jefferson with, I have not lost my mind (leave that one alone please), I know that he is not a sheep. He is going to live with Lori Stephenson at Sommarang farm in Wisconsin. I still have one roo left, Rayna!
These little butterflies (moths) were all congregating on the mud after I dumped out the horse trough to clean it, I dunno, I just thought they were pretty.


Kara said...

Good morning Corrine,
Great pictures and what beautiful chickens. I love my Barred Rocks too. The Speckled Sussex are very cool looking though. My DH likes our R.I. Reds best. Can't wait till they start laying. Well I better go feed.

Rayna said...

You should try giant cochins! Talk about some docile birds...don't lay real well though lol. Silkies are awesome too :) Yes...I hear that roo crowing. I'll try to get a straight answer out of my mom if we're comin' down or not. Hopefully coming down for Saturday night/all day Sunday :) I wanna see sheepies! Oh, and people of course ;-)

Nancy K. said...

Oh great.

She's bringing a rooster to Jefferson.

As if Marie's snoring wasn't going to be loud enough!!


Only 3 more days ~ I'm so looking forward to seeing my adopted sisters! You do take the best chicken photos. Isn't it amazing how quicly they go from those adorable, fuzzy chicks to real, live chickens?

I put Madonna and her babies in with Ann Margaret and Bruce Springstein yesterday. It seemed that everything went very well. Madonna and Bruce seemed particularly happy to see each other ~ if you get my drift! I didn't get any pictures. Maybe I'll try for a couple this morning.

So much left to do before heading for Jefferson....

~*Sarah*~ said...

I'll take him!

oh wait....

I live in the city.

Roosters don't lay eggs.


But he's so PRETTY!!!

Big Mama said...

I have two commments:
a. That's pretty impressive that Nancy knows of Auntie's unfortunate snoring problem...go Auntie-now you're state-wide.
b. That chicken hawk should be named Lauren-it just fits.
K maybe I should work now:) hehe... love you!

Crosswinds Farm said...

Kara, I have a couple of RI reds too, I was hesitant to get too many because they seemed so...ordinary, but they have turned out to be beautiful, friendly birds.

Oh Rayna, don't get me going on any other breeds, I think I am at my chicky limit!

Nancy, Marie is so paranoid right now, she went out and bought some "breathe right" strips....I still think your roving idea would work though!

Sarah, maybe you just wanna come and visit him instead?

Doozy, the sad part is, Nancy lives in Minnesota and still knows about the snoring :-). luv u

Pamela said...

I enjoyed reading your entry so very, very much. Those Speckled Sussexes are gorgeous! I so wish I could have some (too many chickens as it is..oh well, maybe next spring?)

There's one thing I have to complain about--that Pumpkin Cake. I looked up the recipe you gave and now I'm dying to make it. Just what I need....a great big cake! It looks so delicous. I really want one. One of those situations where your mouth says "yes!" and your hips say "are you kidding me?"

Oh well, maybe I can come up with a holiday that needs it....Anyone know when Bulgarian Pumpkin Fest is? (laughs)

Crosswinds Farm said...

I visited your blog and really enjoyed it, beautiful pictures.
Hmmm.....I don't know if or when there is a Bulgarian Pumpkin fest, but I am pretty sure that I could provide them with some pumpkin :^).

Jenny Holden said...

Speckled Sussex are simply beautiful. What a lovely flock :o)

Michelle said...

Oh, another new-to-me breed to drool over -- I love that Speckled Sussex! I got immersed in chickens during our trip, and hallelujah, Rick likes Wellsommers! One or two might be in our future....

Crosswinds Farm said...

Jenny and Michelle,
The Speckled Sussex are rapidly becoming one of my favorite breeds. They have turned out to be very friendly and easy they are really pretty :).

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