Monday, April 20, 2009

Finally, another lamb!

You probably thought that I had lots of lambs by now and was squirreling them away from the rest of the world, hoarding them as I do....well, no. I don't know what the deal is this year, but the girls have kept me guessing, and waiting, and I am pretty sure they have been laughing at me the whole while. Some have pretended to show signs of early labor, to which I responded by placing them in the lambing jugs...and waited...and waited....and ended up letting them back out again.
Early this morning Willow wasn't eating, her belly had clearly dropped over night, and her udder had grown exponentially, so into the jug she went! This time she wasn't joking and by afternoon she presented me with this lovely ram lamb. I was somewhat surprised that she had a single. Willow had a single her first year, and twins last year, she was HUGE this year and I fully expected twins again...nope! Note to self....maybe you should cut back on the sheep feed...
This is the first lamb out of Khazar and I think Zar did a pretty good job! Rammy has very nice even crimp to his fleece (at this point). Even at a few hours old he is looking nice and square. He has a very tiny tail and huge horn buds, which I was happy about because Willow has thrown a polled (hornless) ram and scurred (wonky little horns) ram lambs that were sired by two different rams.
So far no "sugar lips" or grey purse (signs of ag) and his white spots are through to the skin on his will be interesting to see what his color does.

He is just so darn cute! This picture is for you, Alanza.

"He isn't THAT cute!"

Hopefully I will have more to add very soon...the other 5 ewes are looking like they are getting very, really...I'm sure.


tbsomeday said...

finally! i've been checking every day...sometimes twice :)
what an adorable little lamb! makes me want to pick him up and hug him :)

Christine said...

Aww, he has the cutest face! I have a newbie question...what is a purse? I assume you're not referring to his handbag. lol

Crosswinds Farm said...

Sorry it took me so long, tbsomeday, I was about to start squeezing those ewes if I didn't get some babies soon!

Christine, LOL, no I was not refering to his handbag...a purse is his, well, scrotum..aren't you glad you asked?? : )

Miss Effie said...

I think he needs to be held and cuddled. And I know you are MUCH too busy for that!!!

So I will offer my cuddling services!

I'm surprised about Willow -- she looked huge!!

Shula said...

Well congratulations again (about time) what a wait in-between for you. I'm glad he arrived safe and healthy though. The shot of him in the feed tub was adorable.

Nancy K. said...

I bet you're right. I'm sure your ewes are all giggling and laughing about you behind your back. They probably think you're easy. I don't see alot of RIBS showing on that new ram lamb's mom.....

On the other hand ~ you DO have some very nice babies!



North Star Shetlands said...

Corinne...I'm coming down there...and stealing lambs...hehehehehe Very nice lambs :)

Unknown said...

Corinne, he's beautiful and well worth waiting for! Like tb I've been checking often for new babies. And I'm glad Christine asked the question about the purse - LOL! I'm still getting used to the term "junk" for male humans!

Anyway, your little lamb is a honey with a beautiful face.

Nancy in Atlanta

Michelle said...

Willow did to you (single, twins, single) what Dinah did to me. Perhaps they have the same issue (Miss Piggy). I know Dinah is!

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