Friday, October 9, 2009

Changing leaves...of corn.

These pictures are mainly for our daughter, Nicole, who recently moved to California (sniff).
Apparently, "It never rains in southern California" aren't just song lyrics and Nicole has been missing the change of seasons and lack of clouds in her new locale. Although I am pretty sure that no one is going to hold a telethon for her because "it is sunny and warm every day and there is never a cloud in the sky", I still thought some pictures from around the neighborhood were in order. For some reason I felt it necessary to drag the rest of you along too.

Clouds and corn.
Clouds and soybeans.
More clouds, more beans.
More corn, more clouds.
Miss Effie's backyard....her neighbor harvested his beans.
I think you get the idea....
And they wouldn't be pictures of Iowa if I didn't include......more corn.
Sorry, no pics of changing leaves-it has just been too wet and cold all summer and there just doesn't seem to be much color as of yet. It is supposed to be in the upper 20's to low 30's tonight and a high of 45 tomorrow....that should make you feel a whole lot better about your warm, sunny skies, Nicole!


Michelle said...

It really is beautiful scenery, even if I wouldn't give up my evergreens to live there. Southern California? Been there, done that for all of my grade school years; nothing could drag me back!

Unknown said...

So thats what grows in Iowa:) Beautiful pictures....definitely a place I would want to call home. Btw, my FWB liked the new FFWB title but wanted to know if it involved cash....r u kidding me?:)

Christine said...

Looks like you could live just down the road from me. Guess the scenery doesn't change much between here and there.

Kara said...

I love soy bean fields in the fall! Our back field is farmed by a local organic farmer. He rotates corn, soy beans, and winter wheat. I ride back that way in the fall, just to see it with all the fall foliage surrounding it. Today might be a good day for a ride.

Great photos!

tbsomeday said...

i'd miss those things too if i moved away. i visited california 2times and each day was more beautiful than the last...but i was so happy to come home to hot, humid, buggy iowa :)

i LOVE that pic (maybe 4th to last-ish) with the soybeans and barbed wire fence--should be framed :)
i love the golden fields

do you have lots of asian beetles since your neighbor has harvested his soybeans
we battle them like mad every year with the boxelder. the first year we lived here they came in clouds and i was thinking it was a plague.
i know if it rains at certain times it can cut the population..since it rained all summer i'm hoping that happened. with the addition of ducks, guinea and chickens this year that i pray they will help care of those darned things
we spend the entire winter vacuming them up

also...i think it's going to be a bad year for leaf color
i read the other day that the most vibrant colors from sunny days and dry warm nights
not anything we've experienced :( least you have a great place to go visit..specially come january/february

Shula said...

What beautiful pictures. I lived in northern California for five years and now live in Massachusetts, I have to say I love the seasons here. Even if winter can get a little long, spring makes it worthwhile.

Tammy said...

Gorgeous photos and love the fall colors! ;-) The eighth (I think) photo down, with the green grass, tree, and corn looks almost surreal.
Thanks for sharing!

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