Friday, April 16, 2010

Too much of a good thing?

Can you stand any more lamb pictures? I want to introduce you to the newest babies. Halley had this little ewe lamb (or skunk...not sure which) Thursday morning. I was hoping for another moorit gulmoget out of Halley, but we will take this little girl. She is such a little cutie. So far it looks like her fleece will be more intermediate.

This morning at three AM Lilly gave birth to black flecket twins-one ram, one ewe, which brings the count to 5 girls, three boys-go girls! This is the little ewe, her birth coat has very soft crimpy fleece.
And this is her super-hero twin brother complete with mask and cape (not an actual caped-flecket)....everything a boy needs to be a crime-fighting stud muffin...even a flashy smile. He also has very large horn buds, great fleece (so far), and he will have striped horns.
This ram lamb will definitely be for sale. My waiting list is filling fast and I don't have as many lambs as I had anticipated so if you are interested in anything please let me know so that I can match up lambies with new owners.


Christine said...

Oh my, that is the cutest skunk I have ever seen! What a doll!

Karen Anne said...

I was thinking those interesting names were breeds, are they instead color patterns?

I often have a skunk on my deck at night, visiting the feeders. Skunks are lovely.

Crosswinds Farm said...

Thanks, Christine!

Hi Karen Anne, All of the sheep on my blog are Shetlands. The breed is ancient and was originally from the Shetland isles, so the names of the patterns and markings are old Norse names. One of my other readers asked that I put a key of some sort for reference on my blog, which I think is a great idea...when I am not so busy with babies! : )

Shula said...

What great markings. I love your black and white ram lamb. Almost wish you lived closer :) And the skunk marking is very cute.

Mom L said...

I enjoy all the lambie pictures you can post! I love the little Skunk...

Nancy (sheepless in Iowa)

Jenny Holden said...

I can always cope with more lamb photos, especially when mine are still keeping me waiting! You've got some real beauties :o)

dirtyduck said...

Rayna said...

Omg, you need to call her Flower! SO freaking cute!

tbsomeday said...

rayna is right, skunk girl should be named flower :)
they are all ADORABLE!!
never to much of a good thing :)

i love the spotted cow ones
the skunk girl
and the super hero all the same--they are just too adorable!!

the super hero boy was totally smiling!
you catch some amazing pictures!

Karen Anne said...

Speaking of sheep, I ran across a photo of this guy a Herdwick, holy Toledo:

Big Sheep

John Going Gently said...

lovely blog

Millie said...

What an adorable skunk!

Caroline said...

Thanks for sharing your lamb pics. I can't believe how cute they are.'s not possible for you to post too many of them.

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