Friday, January 28, 2011

Big mamas.

 I was a little surprised today when I noticed that the "Lamb Watch" button on this blog was down to 70 days. Just a little over two months until lambies are due! I have so much to do before lambs start arriving. Maybe if I updated my blog more often I would have noticed sooner and would be more aware of what is going on in my life. And YOU, my dear readers, really need to do a better job of keeping me informed; somebody needs to keep track of me, I certainly can't do it on my own...seriously, it takes a village.
Anyway, 70 days? Can you believe it? Average gestation is about 147 days so we are more than halfway there! Since we are at the midpoint of pregnancy (yarn manufacturing), I thought it might be fun to take some pictures of the girls and see if we can guess who is, and who isn't. As I said, I thought it might be fun, that was my intention. But, being that my girls decided to be sooo cooperative, the photo shoot was a bit more of a challenge, and much less productive, than I originally anticipated. 
"Whatcha doin?"
"Whatcha doin?"

"Whatcha doin, huh? Huh? Whatcha doin?"

"Lemme help, lemme help, please, please, please?"
Clearly, this wasn't going to work, perhaps another strategy was in order. I decided to stand on the other side of the fence in an attempt to get a few pictures.

I was only able to get a couple of shots in which the girls weren't stuffing their faces with food, or being playfully chased by Ande, the llama.
 Later, when I got a chance to look through the pictures, something, or rather, someone, caught my attention. Yeah, the big ole belly on the left-Willow. I think the only reason I got a shot of her is because, with that gut, she isn't moving too quickly these days.
Granted, Willow is my longest-fleeced ewe, so some of her size can be attributed to that.....some of it, but, seriously?

With two months left to go?
Here's the thing, Willow almost always has a single lamb. She had a set of twins once, but I don't remember her being this...ummmm...shall we say... 'robust' this early on in her pregnancy. I have no idea what's in there!

" I'm not telling."

I only got pictures of two of the other ewes. Halley is first runner-up in the voluptuous belly contest; she most likely will have twins, as this is her second lambing.
I am really hoping that one of my favorite spotted ewes, Luna, is bred. She is a two-year-old and was not bred last year, so if the mission was accomplished this will be her first lambing. I did see some romance occurring on the morning that the rent-a-ram was packing his bags to go home-perhaps a good-bye fling, but that is no guarantee that she settled and I really, really want a lamb from her.

She has amazing fleece and beautiful conformation.

 Her fleece is exactly what I am trying to produce; fine, crimpy, single-coat and with good length. Her fleece is about 5 1/2 to 6 inches when stretched out. BOING!
I guess Miss Luna will keep us guessing for a while longer as to whether or not I will get that fluffy little lamb from her.
I will try to update you on the rest of the girls soon, hopefully with less assistance from my very helpful friends.


Teresa said...

So funny. They do have a way of wanting to know what's going on. I'm at the same point with some of my goatie girls. We have up to ten that might have babies between Mar. 11-18.

Michelle said...

Wow, Willow looks huge! Mine are due on March 9, and NONE of them look that pregnant!

Christine said...

I'm amazed you were about to get pictures at all. Mine tackle me and try to take the camera.

The Little Red Hen said...

Your ewes are so lovely. I will be disappointed if we do not get any lambs again this year. I have 4 exposed ewes and less then 40 days left. None of them look as big as your girls. They are all first timers. Keeping my fingers crossed and looking forward to seeing pictures of your lambs when they arive.

Ebonwald Cardigans said...

i love your sheep. just sayin'

Mom L said...

Awwww, they are sooo helpful!

Lisa said...

i don't think they're trying to help you...i think they're begging you to make the snow go away and to bring the sunshine back! willow's eyes clearly say, "mom, it's frickin' cold out here and my tummy is much closer to the ground than normal. can you turn that big yellow heater in the sky back on? seriously. we're cold."

hoping jack and i can be there to welcome a few of the new babies this year! still guilty that i missed providing moral support for lovey last year.

Mary Ann said...

I have never had sheep but yours are really good looking! I can't wait to see the lambs.

Judy T said...

Love all the nose shots. I've never had sheep of my own but I remember helping my uncle with his when I was small. Yours are much prettier than I remember his being.

Kelly said...

I had a Willow of my own and she was nearly identical to yours, in color, fleece type and um....girth!
I have a couple gals that look VERY preggers, but not THAT big. My girls are due a little earlier this year...mid-March. Bring on those fluffy babies.
Hope things are getting less hectic for you Corinne. Nice to "see" you again.

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