Sunday, July 15, 2007

Hey! Where's my mom?

Have you seen my mom?

Okay, you look that way, I'll keep a lookout this way.

You keep watch too Teddy, our moms must be around somewhere.

It'll be okay buddy.

We FINALLY got the boys into the new ram pasture yesterday, away from their moms : (. I think I felt worse than any of my sheepies..... although, it actually went a lot better than I had anticipated. There was a little bit of calling back and forth ( more from the moms than from the lambs), and then everyone seemed to settle in by evening. Today it rained all day, so the ewes spent most of the day (quietly) in their barn, and the boys hung out in the new shelter that Gary built for them. So far the ewes udders are looking okay, I am not expecting any problems as most of the ewes have been pushing their lambs away from nursing the past week or so........I can't say that I blame them, if you have ever seen how hard those big lambs nurse lifting their mommies up off the ground (not to mention the horns) you know what I mean.

I hope things continue this well.....I guess we will see.

Tomorrow I am off to Abi's High Prairie Fiber studio to practice spinning and help her with some polymer clay projects, should be fun....for me anyway, it's a good thing that Abi is patient, I am NOT the world's most gifted spinning student!


Nancy K. said...

Congratulations on a milestone in your first year of lambing! It's a big day when the ram lambs move out. As much as the mom's may fuss for a day or two, it is definitely much better for them to get those boys out of there. ;-)

Now you can sit out with your girls and spoil them and not worry about the boys getting "too" friendly...

Have you done any halter lessons yet?

Michelle said...

Oh, I AM jealous of your Monday! (Sounds like I need to go to confession; I just professed my jealousy on Nancy's blog!)

~*Sarah*~ said...

aww, look at the big men in their bachelor pad!

I just read back through the blog and I can't BELIEVE they're that big already. I don't know, somehow I "forgot" that whole middle part and now they're big.

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