Tuesday, July 31, 2007 don't see that everyday!

"Now what?"

What started out to be an uneventful Tuesday morning, running BACK to the grocery store for the items that I forgot to buy YESTERDAY when I was there, mailing a couple of letters at the post office, suddenly became a very exciting flurry of events (exciting by Eldridge standards).

As I pulled into the driveway with my list of errands completed, I glanced into the front pasture, as I always do to see what my little darlings are up to..........I really did NOT expect to see this........(not for the faint of heart).

I slammed my truck into park, jumped out, flung myself over the gate to see what was in store for me. Now, mind you, I have not delivered a llama before, I am used to...well, less neck and less lanky appendages. If the birth process goes well with the sheep or horses they generally present in a nice "divers" position, little front feet sticking out facing down, head resting on the legs. This, on the other hand, just looked like a mess of tangled alien parts, and to top it off, this long neck hanging out flopping around shaking it's head to remove birth fluid, while mom just meandered around. As I was attempting to assess exactly what parts were where, our substitute postal carrier pulled into the driveway with a package for me. She looked horrified, "Do you need some help?" she asked reluctantly. " Why, do you know anything about llamas?" I asked.... She left the package on the porch and wished me luck as she drove away.

Once I got a closer look, everything was, in fact, where it was supposed to be, so naturally I thought, I HAVE to get my camera ( I think Nancy K. is rubbing off on me)! I snapped this picture and then a moment later momma llama finished the job at hand and delivered her little cria. Now, those of you who have been following the Crosswinds blog know that you don't have to ask.....of course it is a BOY!

The sheep were very curious about the new arrival .

"You listen here newbie, I am the cutest baby on this farm!"

"Hey, where can a guy get something to eat around here?"

Okay, (whew) they are MUCH more attractive once they have dried off. Mother and baby seem to be doing fine at this point. Momma passed her placenta, I trimmed and dipped the umbilicus, striped teats, and made sure that the baby was nursing, so now I am just waiting to see if his plumbing is all working before I breathe a sigh of relief.......incidentally, FYI and note to self, string cheese does not keep well in a truck when it is 90 degrees outside while you are delivering a llama......I kind of forgot the groceries in the truck. Bonus though, while momma llama was resting up, I took advantage of her relaxed position and finally got some more of that matted mess of a coat trimmed off and was able to get a hold of her back feet to trim her toes.

I guess the mystery is solved as to whether or not llama was pregnant.


~*Sarah*~ said...

I remember hearing someone doing a bit on 'what do you say to the parents of an ugly baby'. examples:

"oh, look at him!"
"so much hair!"
"she's soooo tiny!"
"what a cute outfit!"
"look at those tiny hands!"

and so on.

Those first few pictures I was thinking "oh, look at him! he's so tiny! So much hair!" *gulp!*

But, then he got all fluffy, and pretty close to cute. :) Now he's not so bad, darn near adorable in fact!

Michelle said...

FANTASTIC photos! I'd say that your afternoon was pretty exciting by anyone's standards. And I just LOVE the look on those Shetlands' faces! "Just WHAT does one need with all that leg, all that neck, all that ear?!?" The mama llama doesn't seem worried about the sheep, though....

Nancy K. said...

Oh sure.... you just HAD to 'upstage' me...


I'm so glad you had your camera handy ~ what awesome pictures! Congratulations on your first Cria!

Tina T-P said...

Oh, very cute - what a surprise to come home to, that's an understatement! Glad mom & baby are doing well. Tina

Crosswinds Farm said...

Thanks everyone!
Nancy, I could not possibly "upstage" your wonderful news, silly!

Juliann said...

What incredible photos! I had to call my DH in from the living room to look at these!
Great, now he wants a llama, lol!

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