Monday, September 15, 2008

Apple overload!

I am still here....trying to play catch-up from being gone last, I guess, two weekends ago, and cleaning up after 7 inches of rain this past weekend. Gary did a great job of taking care of the menagerie while I was away. There was only one minor casualty, well, I would say it's minor, but Emma may disagree. It seems that, in the 'riding mower vs. Emma's Jolly ball' battle, Jolly ball was not victorious.

I am now paying for my weekend away. My apple trees have exploded all of the sudden, and I am up to my eyeballs in apples.
So I have been making apple pie.......
Caramel Apple Jam.

Apple pie filling
Apple pie jam.
I have frozen apples, canned apples, cooked apples, raw apples...I feel like Forest Gump, but with apples instead of shrimp. The animals are even tired of the apple parts and peelings that I have been tossing to them.

Now the pears are looking like they will be ready before too long, although, Emma has already been helping pick those.

Other stuff that makes me busy...I am working on breeding arrangements for the sheep, I am only planning on breeding 5-6 ewes this year, since my space is limited, and I still have few sheep to sell.
I am also trying to get ready for a craft show that I am doing in Des Moines on the 26th, 27th and 28th of this month, this show is kind of the kick-off for the fall craft show season, and it is usually a good one for me. Then I have several other big shows in October and November, plus I have Farmers' Market until the end of October, just 'cause I really need more stuff to keep me busy.

Pictures just because.........
Blue Orpington pullet doing her Marilyn impression with the wind blowing up her bloomers.

Jasmine walking off into the sunset....okay, it was the sunrise, but that doesn't sound as romantic.

That's about it for now...the apples are calling.


Big Mama said...

Meena is the prettiest of all the Horsies:)

Kristin said...

Save some apples and pears for me and Justin. Justin wants to make apple cider and whatever it is you call cider made from pears.

melanie said...

I'm not far behind you on the apples! Any chance you'd share the caramel apple jam recipe or point me to a source?

And I LOVE the chicken picture!

Angie Litterst said...

We have a slightly shredded red jolly ball too! I actually think our lab likes it better that way. It's more challenging to find just the right spot to pick it up.

If you have any extra apples, I'd love to buy a bunch from you. I want to can some applesauce. Your little buddy, Cole, LOVES applesauce. (And chocolate cookies, but you already know that!) My trees lost all their baby apples in July when that crazy 94 MPH wind storm came through. So I'm apple-less this year. :(

I love your blue orp. Very pretty. And I really like that picture of your horse. That's one you should frame!

See you Saturday?

Nancy K. said...

Holy Moly!!
How the heck do you get all of that done? You make me so tired that I may just have to go sit and spin for a while to recuperate....

Your blue chicken is pretty and the horse photo is breathtaking.

So, how's your October looking????


Love ~ The Biggest Sister

Michelle said...

I'm breathless just from READING your post! I'm a bit jealous about the apples and pears, as we don't have nearly as many. Applesauce is a must-have; we don't eat a lot of jam/jelly and I rarely make pie. I do make a mean crockpot applebutter, though!

On the chicken front, looks like I'm getting two new additions! Tammy Knight is selling me one of her Welsummer pullets, and someone from church is giving me a blue-egg-laying BLACK Easter Egger! I'm really excited.... :-)

Pamela said...

Wow! How do you fit all you do into a day??? The apples look delicious and the chicken is adorable, but the shot of poor Emma with her shredded Jolly Ball...I'm so sorry, but I couldn't help laughing out loud! Great shot!

Crosswinds Farm said...

Doozy, yes, she is a pretty girl. Love you.

Kristin, of course I will save you some....if you can get that boy to come and visit!!

Melanie, I will email the recipe to you :). It is really good, but I think it tastes more like apple pie than caramel apple.

Angie, I should be able to bring you some apples on Saturday. Tell Cole I will have his cookies too :0.

Nancy, I am so sorry to have tired you out like that!lol.I hope you have recovered.BIG hugs :).

Michelle, I am so are becoming a chicken hoarder too!

Pamela, Emma was pretty funny, she just looked so disgusted with us for ruining her toy!

Rayna said...

Super cute photos! I laughed so hard at the photo of Emma...such a sad puppy! My mom's and my dogs have had a red toy too...SUPER suprised that thing hasn't gotten hit by the lawn mower...It's a floppy red dog I think I got in a free box at a rummage sale...Izzy used to tote it around the farm everywhere, and now Jessie does lol. The eyes are missing, but amazingly enough, the stuffing is still in it lol. All your apple stuffs look very yummy, and the chicken and horsey photos are gorgeous! :)

Eileen said...

I'd love to get hold of your jam recipes!!

(I have a fabulous recipe for cranberry apple pear compote that you could have in exchange...)


Alaska Shetland Shepherd said...

Loved all the apple stuff - cracking up here, you went into canning overload!! Way to go tho - I liked the filling idea and forgot about making pie filling - thanks for the reminder!!

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