Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lamb envy...

I am patiently awaiting the arrival of my 2009 lambies...OK, that's a complete fabrication, I am not at all patient, I want lambs NOW! My fellow Shetland breeders have been taunting me with adorable photos on their blogs, and albums on Face Book...I can hardly stand it!
My lambing jugs are all set up, loaded with straw and equipped with heat lamps to take the chill off if necessary....all they need are little lambies to occupy that lonely space.

The girls are all getting quite large. Since the lambs gain most of their body weight the last 6 weeks of gestation, the changes in the ewes bodies are more evident every day. I will never get tired of watching the gymnastics going on within those enormous bellies while the ewes lie down to get some much needed rest, almost as if the lambs are preparing for the lamb races that are sure to come once they are all on the ground.

Daisy is bred to Khazar, my spotted ram from Stephen Rouse. She should have some wildly spotted lambies in there!

Willow is also bred to Zar. Yes, she is Ag, but she has awesome fleece and conformation, a teeny tiny tail, plus she is spotted. Hopefully we'll get spots without the Ag.

Lilly is one of Zar's girls as well.

Edrea is also part of the Khazar fan club. Edrea carries spots so perhaps I will get some flashy spotted Katmogets.

Guinivere is bred to my gulmoget ram......hoping for some moorit gullies.

Lovey is also bred to my gulmoget ram.....I am thinking that she will be lambing first. Her due date is Monday, but she could go a few days either way....I'm thinking earlier, perhaps....

Yeah, I'm pretty sure it will be soon! Just a guess : ).

"I am telling you, Lilly, one of you better have lambs soon before mom loses her mind...more than usual, I mean."


Michelle said...

I HAVE lambs on the ground and I'm STILL have coniption fits over the two who haven't lambed yet and aren't letting me in on when they might!

Miss Effie said...

You may have lamb envy but it is nothing compared to your poor neighbor up the road that has no lambs!!!!! Now that's lamb envy.

Seriously -- I don't mean to look like a stalker!!!

Let me know when the girls start.... until then .... I'll keep spinning.

Kara said...

Your girls look great. Those should be some beautiful lambs. Up and out at 5 something this morning to check on my ewes. My Shetlands look ready any minute, but nothing yet. The waiting is miserable.

Unknown said...

Sitting here in the city, waiting for my farm blogs to post baby pictures - now that's REAL lamb envy! I'm depending on you ladies (Moms AND ewes!)

Nancy in Atlanta

ChristyACB said...

Oh, I have a feeling there may be lambie pictures from you this weekend.

Love the photo of the hen and her gossiping!

Shula said...

You are not alone. I have lamb envy as well. For two weeks I have thought that Jewel will finally have her lambs and feel disappointed when she hasn't. On the other hand as long as they are safe and healthy when they arrive I guess I can wait.

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