Monday, May 25, 2009

Spring cleaning

Oh, did you think I meant cleaning my house? Don't be silly.
It was finally warm enough to wash the dogs outside over the weekend. Spring cleaning of the dogs always has to wait until spring is well underway and air temperatures are warm enough to compensate for the numbingly cold water that comes from the well. Jordan, the Dalmatian, shivers in August with 90 degree weather and steaming hot water from the hose that has been baking in the sun.....Emma could not care less how cold the water is, she just loves to have a bath.

"Ohhhh, yeaaahhhh".
"Got my jolly ball and a bath....that's all I need".
"And maybe a drink...yeah, my Jolly Ball a bath and a drink".

"OK, that's enough, I'm done".

"Now, to put all that dirt back on".



The Old Gray Egg said...

Was that Jolly Ball for a horse? They are just as bad as dogs about rolling in the dust right after a bath. Llamas, too, come to think of it. Maybe they're on to something here. By golly, I'm gonna tell my wife that an old farmer/gardener deserves a good roll in the dirt right after his morning bath.

Crosswinds Farm said...

Yes, Gray Egg, it is a horse Jolly Ball and Emma can not be seperated from it!
Good luck with the roll in the dirt thing LOL!

Nancy K. said...

All RIGHT! Your post actually moved you up on my blog roll, so I noticed it right away!

Emma certainly does seem to enjoy her bath. That jolly ball has GOT to get rather disgusting...

She's not rolling in the dirt (yet). She's drying of on a luxuriously thick, lush, soft, green towel!

Shearing this weekend. Wanna come HELP??

tbsomeday said...

oh, miss emma is so photogenic!
those pics made my girls giggle :)
her expression is so funny

we had a jolly ball and our dogs LOVED it, til the border collie ripped it to pieces...too expensive for one day of enjoyment--but it was a good time by all here :) good to see emma takes better care of her stuff

Ginny said...

Hi Corinne, Thanks for reading my blog, I'm very new at it. I read your blog everyday (I have it saved a one of favorites). I'm a spinner and a weaver, so all of the pictures of the sheep and their babies just thrill me. Take care.

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