Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Too much of a good thing.

I know you are all probably tired of reading about chickens on my blog, so here is something different.
Last Sunday was the West Burlington, Iowa flea market. It is held once a month during the summer and everything can be found there from antiques to donkeys.....animals and junk all in one place, what more could a girl want? We like to go at least a couple of times during the summer. The only deterrent to going every time is that the flea market opens at 6am. Six. In the morning. AM. 6. I have no problem getting up early, I do it every day, but Burlington is an hour and a half away, so in order to get there when they open, before the 'good' stuff is gone, I have to have chores done and be ready to leave between 4:30 and 5am....AM. In the morning. Early morning. Clearly this means that there was no shower involved in this morning ritual.
My sister, Marie, and her daughter, Lauren, are huge fans of animals and junk as well, so they accompany us on these excursions.
Cuteness abounds at the flea market. I don't like pigs much, but THIS.......too cute! I was doing a remarkably well resisting the temptations that were all around me.
I even went past this hatchery owner with day old chicks. OK, so I stopped and looked. Whatever. He had beautiful, healthy chicks that had been health tested. Only a $1.50 each!

Here I am in this photo, just looking as my enabler of a sister is looking over my shoulder saying, "why don't you just get some?". The men apparently thought it was funny.

We walked around for another couple of hours. I accidentally stopped and looked at the chicks again...OK, so it was four times, who's counting?
And.................. here is a picture of me succumbing to peer pressure, and my sister and niece looking pretty pleased with themselves, and my enabler of a husband taking pictures. Like you didn't see that one coming.

Seriously though, Blue Cochins? C'mon who could resist these little penguin-looking guys?

Before you think that I have completely lost my mind, I only got 7 chicks and they are not sexed, so theoretically speaking half of them will be cockerels and will not stay.
Oh, did I say that this post was not going to be about chickens?


Unknown said...

I love your sense of humor, don't enablers make the situations worse? LOL So, I just have to ask, how much were the pigs, were they pot bellies? I am so afraid that one day.......

Rayna said...

Look like Standard cochins? Don't blame you, I love the big poof-poofs! I think my last old hen died last year sometime and I'm going through lap withdrawls :) Glad you resisted the potbelly piglets...I would have hated to see you end up with the one that got to be 100+ lbs...I had a friend who's got up to 200...ugh. Gotta see the parents before you buy, plus regulate the feed, etc. They sure are cute with them little soft pignoses though :D

tbsomeday said...

when i first saw the post i saw the pic of the piglets and i thought you had gotten the lot of them! so a few chicks is way less :)
they are BEAUTIFUL!
who will be mommy-ing them?

ps--i would have tried to talk both of us into a pig or two :)

melanie said...

CLEARLY I need to move to your neck of the woods...such sales around here only feature used clothes and plastic beer steins...piglets and chicks? I'd be in heaven...

Pamela said...

Oh my...BLUE cochins. I don't think it's humanly possible to resist those!

Nancy K. said...

I can't imagine anybody resisting those adorable chicks!

Good job, Marie!


Christine said...

Ooooh blue cochins. Ya gotta have some of those. I agree with Melanie. I think I need to become your neighbor.

Unknown said...

I would have fallen for a piglet, I'm afraid. Yep. Me in a city apartment. The chicks are adorable, and I don't think a post about babies counts as being about chickens, so you still told the truth! Those little ones are gorgeous!

Nancy in Atlanta

angelandspot said...

LOL I've 2x now bought chicks and ducklings from that man when I said I didn't need to buy any. The 3rd time I saw him I did resist the temptation but only because I had 50 chicks arriving in the mail that next day. I missed Burlington this month :( because my family was sick. Blue is my most fave chicken color :)

Kathy said...

Love the Blue Cochin chicks! Pick up a few more for the rest of us next time :)

ChristyACB said...

Those chicks are flat out adorable. Who could resist? I wouldn't. It would be like the borg and I would immediately be

Too cute. I sure hope you'll post pics as they grow.

Argh..look at those feet!

Claire MW said...

Oh they are the most adorable widdle chickie-wickie toot-toot waddle-waddle pudgie-wudgies EVER! Oops, did I use my out-loud voice for that?

Very nice. Ahem. Yes.

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