Sunday, December 19, 2010

I'm seeing things. Why doesn't that surprise you?

I thought I wouldn't, but I'm gonna say it again- the snow is still kind of pretty, and the past few mornings I have awakened to see the added sparkle of Hoar Frost that, with a bit of imagination, transforms every surface that it touches into something else.
Many of the tree branches look as though they are adorned with soft feathers.
Or tiny white butterflies.
Sometimes the branches appear to be covered with sharp thorns.
The dormant apple tree almost looks like it is covered in spring blossoms......OK, maybe it's easier to imagine if you don't look at the snow-covered ground.
The old tomato plants are skeletal soldiers standing guard over the deserted garden-that I never cleaned out in the fall-thanks for noticing.
A wooden fence post becomes a strangely-decorated cupcake. Work with me people, it's winter in Iowa, you start seeing things.

And Jasmine becomes....

Lady GaGa.

Then, as the sun starts to warm the air....well, warm is a relative term, when I say warm I mean it gets up to about 20 degrees....I digress. When it gets warm-er, the frost comes tumbling down and the show is over.
Then it's just back to regularly scheduled winter in Iowa again, and I am still just a little off-center. OK, a lot off-center. Thanks for noticing.


Danny Hansen said...

Amazing pictures!

Judy T said...

Beautiful photos. My son and I were remarking on the hoar frost this morning as we headed out early. It was beautiful.

Nancy K. said...

would you please send me your address, my Dear? I want to Google driving directions from my place to yours...


Sharon Wren said...

I gotta show this post to my husband - "see honey, I'm not the only one who still has a tomato plant in the garden!"

Christine said...

Awesome shots! I totally see what you see.

BTW, I didn't clean out my garden either.

Kelly said...

My butt was dragging and my Christmas spirit was lagging, but thanks to your lovely picture tour, I'm starting to pick up a bit now.
I'm, ok, I'll get back to you on that, but I do feel better.
Thanks Corinne

IsobelleGoLightly said...

We love the hoar frost horse! Very pretty!

Ginny said...

I see the cupcake and Lady GaGa

tbsomeday said...

loved the jasmine one!

Mom L said...

Thank you - I get to see what I've been missing! I'm about 45 mi. south of Sioux City and, although we've got lots of snowy groundcover, it sure isn't like last year!!!

Nancy in Iowa

Teresa said...

Your pictures are just beautiful! Makes me think I might be able to appreciate the snow that's coming for Christmas.

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