Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Signs of Spring? Maybe.....

Spring is still attempting to make it's appearance here in Iowa. It has been very slow in coming this year. Overnight temps are continually going down into the 30's, and there was scattered frost just North of us last night. I know spring is coming though!
My pear trees are blooming.

The Barn Swallows returned around May first, as they do every year.

There has been a turf war, of sorts, going on between the returning Swallows and some opportunistic Sparrows. The Sparrows took up residence in the nests that the Swallows built last year, they filled the empty nests with junk and feathers and made them their own. Now that the Swallows are back they want to reclaim their nesting spots. I am not going to lie, I am on "Team Barn Swallow", I'm not a huge fan of the messy Sparrows.
Speaking of nests, Gary noticed a pair of Starlings collecting nesting material out in the driveway the other day.....then he saw them flying up underneath my truck and coming back out without said nesting, a check under the hood revealed....
Maybe I need to leave the farm more often.

The chicks are a month old now and have reached the...ummm....not so cute stage. This is one of the Splash Blue Laced Red Wyandottes. They will be really pretty some day....really, they will.

The Asparagus is growing like crazy...I'm not sure why I planted it, it's not a favorite of mine, but the sheep sure like it!

I have even gotten a couple of trees planted in spite of the cold weather. What do you mean, you can't see it? Yes, there is a tree there, don't laugh. Look closely!

You probably think I have lost my mind, but this is a Curly Willow and they grow 4-6 feet per year.....and it is planted in 5 years worth of well composted chicken manure, so, see, I'm not that crazy......well.

The chickens have kicked up egg production-just in time for the start of  the Summer Farmers' Market.

Well, that is, most of them have kicked up production...someone clearly is not pulling her weight!

The last of the lambs (Ashumet's ewe lamb) has joined the rest of the flock outside.

Ohhh, wait......that's not the last lamb...because Luna STILL hasn't had her lamb(s)!  You probably want to ask, "Are you sure she's pregnant?"

Yup, pretty sure!


Kelly said...

I totally disagree with you about the chick not being cute, it's completely adorable. Then again, some people have accused me of being a bit goofy, I have no idea where they get those ideas.
And I have a curly willow I planted several years ago and it always amazes me when it survives the winter.

Mom L said...

Yep, our state seems to have lagged behind! I was out and about yesterday and finally spotted some blooming trees, especially the Bradford pears. Had the windows down in the car, too!
I've never heard of a curly willow - hope it grows well!

Nancy in Iowa

Christine said...

Saving the best for last, no doubt.

That's not a tree, that's a twig. lol

Judy T said...

Ugh, That photo of Luna just makes me cringe. She looks ready to POP!
My thermometer said 29 degrees this morning- that's just WRONG!
I happen to like your tree- and the chick- we've got some our our own at the gangly adolescent stage..

Teresa said...

I agree that spring seems to be forever in coming this year. I had ice around the water bucket this morning. It certainly looks like Luna will have to give birth soon! Hopefully!

Karen Anne said...

Those eggs are beautiful - I wish someone sold blue eggs around here.

As to the asparagus and animals :-), I grow Sugar Baby watermelons, which, to me, do not taste that great, but the edible part vanishes in a day when I split them open and leave them on top of the compost pile.

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