Thursday, April 19, 2012

And this is why my neighbors wonder about me....

No new lambs yet today, but the night is still young.

One of the new moms has been slow to produce a full udder, she is making milk, just not enough for both lambs. I have been watching her lambs carefully right from the start and could see that they weren't getting what they needed from her. I gave them a colostrum supplement the first day, and switched to milk replacer after that. 
I try to keep every possible emergency supply on hand for lambing....because that's how I roll.

I keep a stash of Pritchard  nipples in my lambing supplies, just in case, then all that I need is a 2 liter soda bottle to screw them onto- they work great- if you have a 2 liter bottle.

I had the Pritchard, I had the milk replacer, but I was lacking one important component. 
When I looked for a soda bottle to attach the nipple to, I had none. We typically don't drink soda, so there were no 2 liter bottles to be found -anywhere. I searched through our recycling bin trying to find something of a comparable size that I could sterilize and save myself a trip into town to buy a bottle.

I finally found something!!

Okay, so I look a little foolish walking back and forth to the barn in the middle of the night holding a plastic Vodka bottle with a nipple on it.....especially since I don't even, really. I don't. I make vanilla extract, and cheap vodka works the best for that. REALLY. True story.

So my neighbors have yet another reason to raise an eyebrow as they drive past my house. As if there weren't enough reasons already.  Sigh...


Stoney Creek Homestead said...

I have used beer bottles!! So to me, you are not strange, you are just a normal farm gal! Your lambs are sure cute!

Anonymous said...

Long as it works and the babies get fed, who cares!

Jean - MN

Kelly said...

Corinne, you crack me up!! Hats off to your creative streak too.
I have found that a Barq's root beer plastic bottle fits the Pritchard nipples perfectly, and since I am not a pop drinker either, the beverage purchase seemed a tad naughty.

Nancy K. said...

I can't imagine for one second that your neighbors have any concerns about you!

Haven't they all MOVED?

Have a Happy Weekend...

Crosswinds Farm said...

I am glad all of you are on board with the Vodka bottle......I must have the right group of friends :D.

Nancy!!! Yes, they have ;).

Mary, Windy Meadows Farm said...

That is so funny...we have "watchful" neighbors on our road too. Remember Gladys & Abner Kravitz from the old "Bewitched" series?! Oh well...give them something to talk about!

jeffreypresley said...

That is too funny.

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