Saturday, September 29, 2007

Twisted friends and obese cats

Farmer's market is winding down for the season and there are only a few market dates left. I was just thinking this morning that when it is over on October 27th, we will have been there nearly every Saturday for 6 months (with the exception of "playing hookie" for the sheep show....Hmmm...where did the expression "playing hookie" come from? And is it "playing hookie", or "playing hooky"? I know for sure that it isn't "playing hockey", because that is a sport and I don't like sports, so I know that I wouldn't skip work to play hockey, plus I still have all of my teeth, so I know it wasn't that. Sorry.........I digress). It just seems really strange that the market has been going for that amount of time. Speaking of strange, we had a scarecrow contest at the market yesterday. I was not aware of the the upcoming competition since it had been planned and discussed while I was at the a fore mentioned sheep show, otherwise I would have concocted some sort of bizarre straw stuffed man creature.

There were only a few vendors that had notable entries.

This guy was created by the "corn people" that have a booth across from me. I call them the corn people because, yes, you guessed it, they sell corn. It would seem that they sell the world's best corn ever because they have a line waiting to buy their sweet corn before they even set up every Saturday morning and are sold out before the market starts at 8 a.m.. Anyway, this was their scarecrow, a nice stereotypical all-American scarecrow.

This little beauty was lovingly crafted by my friends Melsie and Jeanie (now it is all making sense isn't it? My friends are just as twisted as I am). Their scarecrowette has a shapely silver mannequin body, and if you will notice, claw hands and a fashionable burlap toga style dress with a stylish fringy flowered hemline (all the rage on the runways right now). Jeanie chose a stunning shade of green to make a devastatingly gorgeous gourd head sporting polymer clay eyes and lips handcrafted by Melsie. I believe that Jeanie laced together the marigold lei. The votes have not yet been tallied, but I am guessing that Scarecrow Chick is a shoe in to win this one.
Don't you love artsy people that think outside of the box and keep life interesting?

Here are my very artsy friends, Melsie, Scarecrow chick and Jeanie.

The market has become, for reasons that I do not comprehend, a dog show extravaganza every Saturday. Every breed imaginable is represented, sometimes donning the latest doggie fashions. But Saturday a lady was walking around carrying this huge cat. I commented to Jeanie that I thought that that cat was extremely fat, after which Jeanie laughed and was kind enough to remind me that I also have an obese cat. Which, sadly is true. I must emphasise though that it is not my fault that our cat is fat (contrary to what my children say) and I certainly don't carry him around on shopping trips.

Mr. Marshall is 14 years old. He has always been height challenged for his weight. I do not feed this cat any table scraps or treats of any kind, he is only allowed the same dry cat food as our other house cats...plain old indoor cat food, reduced calories etc. our other cats are of a relatively normal weight.......stop laughing...I probably should not have said "relatively" because obviously when compared to Mr. Marshall relativity takes on a whole new meaning, he does, after all, weigh 25+ pounds.

I don't know why I chose to share this disturbing information with you, I suppose it is because there is not much happening with the sheep right now.......but breeding season is fast approaching!

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~*Sarah*~ said...

mr. marshall was SO sucking it in in that first picture!

I somehow missed the silver sack dress scarecrow. shame!

maybe you should give her 'corn people' scarecrow's number?

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