Monday, May 26, 2008

Attempts at lamb updates

My plan for today was to get some good photo updates on the lambs that I have decided to sell. Unfortunately, most of the lambs had other plans. Between elusive lambies and the wicked weather that we have been graced with as of late, I have only been able to get a few photos of some of the lambs. They grow at such an alarming rate that if I get a good picture one day, by the time I get around to posting it a few days later, it is already outdated.

This is Daisy's ewe lamb, Aleena, she and her twin, Broderick, are the youngest of the lambs right now. I will be keeping Aleena. I will be interested to see what her color does, she had a few lighter hairs around her ears when she was born, so I was expecting her to be musket. But, so far, no "sugar lips" or any signs of fading. She is still very dark all the way to her skin. Her dam is modified so perhaps Aleena will do something interesting with her color. I posted the second picture just to show how crazy crimpy this girl's fleece is.

This is Aleena's twin, Broderick.....well, his name is Broderick, however, my children have taken to calling him Spartacus.......I must admit he does rather look like he has a roman gladiator helmet.....or at least half a helmet. He, Broderick/Spartacus, will be staying here too.
He knows that he is completely adorable, but he does want to be taken seriously as a potential breeding ram, so this is his "I AM SPARTACUS" pose.

The picture below is Oliver...not a celtic name, I know, but Oliver won't be registered. I will be selling Oliver as a wether (castrated ram) for a ram companion or fiber pet. When he was born, I fully expected him to be ag grey (fading from black to grey) like his dam. But.. no sugar lips, not as much as a grey hair on his scrotum (no, my non-sheepy friends, I am not trying to be funny, that is one of the first parts to fade if he is going to fade....that's pretty much just with sheep far as I know). Oliver has wonderful, soft fleece that will have a longer staple length like his dams.

Crosswinds Fallon (Sheepy Hollow Lovey x Sommarang Effrem)

Fallon is a pretty black/krunet ewe with good conformation, nice fleece, and a wide, stocky build. Fallon is VERY friendly and sweet. Fallon will be for sale at weaning since I am keeping her twin.

Crosswinds Duncan (Sheepy Hollow Red Trillium x Sommarang Effrem)

Handsome rammy lamby with great conformation, crimpy, soft fleece and a tiny little tail....ooops, and mud in his nose in this picture. Duncan will be for sale at weaning, without the mud.
I am hoping to try to wrangle the rest of the lambs for some more pictures tomorrow.

After much agonising, I have also decided to sell Duncan's dam, Sheepy Hollow Red Trillium. I have to reduce my flock since I will be keeping some of the ewe lambs, I will add photos of her as well.

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