Saturday, November 1, 2008

Matchmaker, matchmaker

I promised some sheepie pictures, so here goes.

I am only breeding a few ewes this year, five....I think....maybe six, no five, yes five....that's it! So here are some of the players.

I will be using my new ram, who I don't think has a name yet, 'cause I was supposed to come up with one and haven't yet, so, unless Stephen has named him, he is Sheltering Pines something something. Maybe one of you can think of a strong masculine name for this guy.

I am really excited about the prospect of lambs out of this boy. He is gorgeous and has wonderful dense, crimpy, soft fleece...AND magnificent spots and horns. He looks brown, but he is actually black and white.
Here is the best I could do for a fleece photo of the boy. I was trying for a photo of fleece on the hoof, but, rams, surprisingly, are a little uncooperative and hard to hold on to while you are parting their fleece and holding a camera. You will have to take my word for it, his fleece is soft, dense and ultra crimpy from neck to breeches.
One of the ewes that will be making rammy's acquaintance is Willow. One of my favorite ewes. I know, she is Ag, and I am trying to keep Ag to a minimum in my flock, BUT, Willow is actually spotted under that grey and has thrown spotted and solid lambs. Plus she has wonderful fleece and outstanding conformation. Pay no attention to the "fence neck", she definitly believes that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence and reaches through every chance she gets, wearing all of that nice, soft, fleece off of her neck.
Daisy will also be dating what's his name. Daisy is another favorite. Compared to some of my girls, her fleece is not fabulous, but she has wonderful conformation and coloring.
Edrea is date #3. Edrea is one of my favorites...oh wait, I guess they are all my favorites.
This little katmoget girl has the most awesome fleece and conformation. And oh, look away if you are a Shetland purist, yes, I am mixing my spotted ram with my patterned ewe. She already carries spots, and since my main focus (after conformation, of course), is producing wonderful fleece, she is going with the spotted ram. Plus, I just happen to like funky colors and patterns.

Yum, Edrea's fleece.

Sorry Garrett, I don't have a micron report on her yet, I am planning on doing everyone in the spring.
Here is ram #2 Crosswinds Maxamillion, (F2 Dillon). Yeah, I know, I wasn't going to use him because he has a wonky horn....BUT..this gulmoget is awesome....except...the wonky horn. I was going to wether him, and the more I looked at him, I just saw too many good qualities that I couldn't ignore. I am only using him on two solid color ewes with good horn genetics to see what happens. He is also Ag, so he can either throw Ag or Gulmoget...let's hope for gulmoget.

Max's bum.

Max's fleece.

Lovey will be with Max.

Guinevere will also be with Max.

As of today those are my plans. I will be putting groups together next week, so we will see if I change my mind before then!


Ebonwald Cardigans said...

Corinne, um those look like AMAZINGLY FREAKIN' awesome fleeces!!

I need to know who they are out of. Maybe we can do some lamb swapping next summer? I'm serious..who else aren't you going to breed.....

Michelle said...

I think Domino would be a good name for that handsome ram! And I agree with Garrett, your fleeces look gorgeous. Can't wait to see what you get next year!

Kara said...

Nice looking groups! Gorgeous fleece! I am guilty of loving my Ag girls too, oh and mixing patterns with spots in the up coming lamb should be interesting! All my Ag ewes are with a Katmoget so I am hoping the Kat trumps the Ag.

Rayna said...

absolutely gorgeous fleeces! I like Garretts lamb swapping idea ;-)

Miss Effie said...

OK OK -- your neighbor is suffering from fleece envy!!!

I want at least 5, no 6, no 5 .... ahh gee, can't I just spin them all????

I still think your ram needs to be named McSteamy. And we have got to talk to Honey -- I need more land!!!

Crosswinds Farm said...

Thanks G! We'll talk lambies :).

Michelle, I was actually thinking of Dominic, but there is already a Sheltering Pines Dominick and Domino.

Thanks Kara, I can't wait to see what to see what your lambies look like in the spring too.

Rayna, I think lamb swaping is a great idea too...since I didn't get little Slater this year!!! I will let that go...someday, LOL!

Oh silly Clink! Don't lie, you don't want 5 or 6, you want 10 or 12! We do need to talk to Honey!

Michelle said...

How about Marcel Marceau, or just Marceau? The famous French mime was "black and white" - face painted white (and white gloves) with black clothes.

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