Sunday, August 15, 2010

Attack of the Dragonflies!

We have been invaded by Dragonflies! In the evening, after a rain, they come out in huge numbers. Once you get your mind wrapped around the 'kind of creepy' aspect of it all, you can really appreciate how amazing these little critters are.  The little dudes eat tons of mosquitoes, so they are OK in my book. Our barn cats, however, are not feeling the love for our little flying friends and have been tormented by the large dive-bombing insects when they emerge in the evening to feed. I was hoping to capture a video of a favorite game of the barn cats which entails leaping into the air to grab, and eat, said Dragonflies-GROSS. But of course there was no cooperation from my feline friends in this endeavor, so we have a video of lots of Dragonflies harassing Junior, the barn cat, but no kitty aerobatics. The longer you watch the video the worse the swarm gets....enjoy your dinner : ).


Michelle said...

I didn't know dragonflies eat mosquitoes; COOL!

We don't have a big problem with mosquitoes here, but I appreciate the swallows and bats and anything else that eats pesty bugs.

Sue said...

I have never seen so many dragonflies!!!!!!!!!! Holy smokes, you must have a TON of mosquitoes.
What a cute video. Poor kitty.....

tbsomeday said...

i tried to capture a video of this at our house..but you couldn't really see the magnitude of it
our swarm was last week--it was crazy!!

i can't see your video here at work...will have to pull it up at home

ps--like your picture of the day btw :)

Karen Anne said...

Tell us more about the toad?

Nancy K. said...

Super video showing the dragonflies! I thought about trying to get a photo of the swarms in my yard but assumed my camera wouldn't capture them.

Your cat looks like he's wondering what the hell is going on!


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