Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Skunk Sheep goes home.

Last Sunday it was time to send another lambie off to it's new home. Circe, formerly known as Skunk Sheep, went to live in Decorah, Iowa with a very nice family who already have a Crosswinds ram. I am going to miss her silly antics. I am not, however, going to miss her sneaking up and trying to jump on my shoulders when I am sitting on the ground.
Here are some of her baby pictures.

Always leading the lamb races.

And as she grew......

Now she has grown into a lovely young ewe.

Good bye Circe! Thank-you Janna, Jim and Connor for giving her a great home.
I have one last ewe lamb that will be leaving sometime soon, so I will update you on her and the 4 ewe lambs that are staying here.....if I can ever get them all to stand still for pictures.


Karen Anne said...

Their coats really change color as they grow...

Teresa said...

What a lovely lady. I've had a couple of goat kids that think I'm really fun to jump on! I know what a pain (literally) that gets to be.

IsobelleGoLightly said...

Very, very beautiful! I love the sheep race photo!

kathy said...

she certainly turned into a very beautiful lady.

Kelly said...

You always have some of the nicest sheep photos. Makes me so frustrated when I can't get any cooperation from my gals and guys.
The lamb race picture is a favorite of mine.
Tucker is looking more handsome every day, and he made firm and fast friends with all the other boys. They just eat and lay around in the shade all day......tough life. :D

dirtyduck said...

Skunk Sheep. make sure your new family sends home pictures of your cuteness!!(lol word?) he ot so big!!! they grow fast!!!

Anonymous said...

Circe is doing beautifully. She met the rest of the girls yesterday and after a bit of sniffing, they are all happily ignoring each other and are busy grazing. She runs up for scratches whenever anyone goes into the pasture and has developed an obsession with cats. She will follow them around and tries to sort of lift them off thier feet with her nose.
Thank you for another wonderful lamb!

Crosswinds Farm said...

Karen Anne, their color can change quite a bit depending on their genetics. The lighter color you see on Circe is sun-bleached tips.

Tesesa, those pointy little hooves=OUCH!

Thanks Isobelle and Kathy!

Kelly, They are not very cooperative for photos are they? I am so glad that Tucker is doing well. I can't wait for lamb pictures in the spring!

DirtyDuck, it's hard to believe how quickly they do grow. They are only about 4 months old and are nearly as big as the adults

Janna, I am so happy that you guys ended up with her, she will be very happy with you.
I am not sure where that cat thing came might explain why our cats NEVER go into the sheep pasture.

Jenny Holden said...

Happy new home Circe. What a bonny girl she is too!

lifespassion said...

She was an adorable baby and now a gorgeous girl! Great photos!

Cassie said...

I think she's the one that gave me a French kiss...a very friendly girl. = )

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