Thursday, April 28, 2011

Come on Luna!

Well, things are winding down in the Crosswinds maternity ward. I have one ewe left to go - Luna. She is actually due the 30th, but she has been staying away from the rest of the flock today and her sides are looking a little sunken in - a good indication that she is getting close. She has not lambed before, so It would be nice if she delivered before Saturday because I will be at market all day, and I hate to leave a first time mom alone.
 Luna is closely related to Laurel (the ewe that gave me the flashy ram lambs) and they were bred to the same ram, so I am hoping for more wild spots.

BUT, to get you caught up, if you didn't see her picture on Face Book......why aren't you on Face Book? I digress...

The newest addition to the flock arrived on Wednesday. Ashumet (Ash) had a single ewe lamb. This little girl has amazing fleece. I think that makes 5 (?) black ewe lambs...I think...I have lost count...and sleep...and contrary to popular belief, counting sheep does NOT make you go to just makes you overtired and a little crazy(er).

I need to get a close-up of this little girl's face. She looks like ET. Sometimes when lambs have tight, crimpy fleece, like this, on their body, the fleece on the cheeks and poll looks so exaggerated in contrast. So cute!
So, now you are caught up, but you really should be on Face Book.

Until Luna decides to provide more cuteness for us to ogle, I will  just leave you with some random lambie pictures. Most of the lambs will be for sale, pending evaluations. First placements of lambs will be for people on my waiting list that have been waiting for lambs with specific traits or genetics....but, I have a lot of lambs....a lot.
Daisy's ram lamb.

Laurel's Black flecket ram (below) will be going to live with my good friend Kelly at OK Acres.

Holly's boy.

One of Lovey's rammies, looking very excited about having his picture taken. This guy is built like a brick house. Solid, wide and square. He has really nice fleece so far too.

 Laurel's moorit flecket rammy. He is a half-poll.

Lilly and one of her boys.

I love the tiny 'moon spot' that Mira's girl has on her forehead.

Edrea's ewe lamb.

Halley's gulmoget ram may stay here at least for breeding this depends on whether or not he has full horns-his sire is a half-poll.

 Lilly's ram lambs. Right now their fleece is vastly different, I am not sure what the black lamb's fleece will look like ultimately, it is very soft, but very straight...sometimes the 'dog hair' like he has is just birth coat and there is nice crimpy fleece underneath....let's hope! The moorit guy's fleece is just lovely and he looks to be a half-poll.

Daisy's boy again.....not everyone else cooperated for photos.

Hopefully somebody that likes grey will eventually make Willow's ram lamb their new flock sire...this guy's fleece is like buttah. But-tah. Full horns. We'll see how he looks in a few weeks.
 Buttah. Just sayin'.
I am keeping my fingers crossed that we will have a brand new lambie or two on the blog tomorrow....we shall see what Luna has in store!


Rose H (UK) said...

Lambs are just too cute! The fields round here are full of them now, playing chase me.
Hope Luna delivers before market day.
Have a great weekend.
Rose H

Karen Anne said...

Desperately wanting a lambie. No room,sigh. I would take the black lambie with straight fleece in a heartbeat.

Kelly said...

OMG, stunning lambs Corinne. Well done my friend.

Kelly said...

I have 2 lambs that look just like Ash's ewe lamb, their fleece is so tight and dense that their faces look just like your little girl.

Mom L said...

They are all so beautiful! I'm not a fleece person, but I do appreciate the education I'm gettng from reading your and other sheepie blogs.

Nancy - sheepless in Iowa

The Little Red Hen said...

I have no place to keep a ram but I would take the grey lamb if I did. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the color. Both of my black fleeced lambs look to be white or very light grey underneath. I don't think they will be black in a year...should be interesting to see how they turn out.
Can't wait to see what Luna has.
Definatly keep me in mind if you have extra rams around this fall- Would love to lease one from you.

Karen Anne said...

By the way, what's wrong with a straight fleece? Does it not make good yarn?

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